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“I can’t say enough good things about Rob Vena. He is a very patient and kind practitioner who really cares about the details – both in his patients’ lives and in his work. He strives to create a peaceful environment for healing to take place and takes his patients’ concerns seriously. Whether that means an extra blanket on the table or purchasing a white noise machine to address some outside sounds, he’s right there with a solution.

Rob’s efforts go way beyond the acupuncture table. He is very knowledgeable and every session I come away with a new tip or idea to try and that’s usually delivered with a dose of humor. I have grown in many ways since we started working together. One of the best things he’s done for me is to gently urge me to step out of my comfort zone and take more risks in life.

It is a testament to his skill as a practitioner that his business has grown so rapidly. In his first year of practice, he’s already working in two states! That probably doesn’t surprise his clients because we know he’s the best.” ~ C.S.

“Rob is amazing! He really cares.

Acupuncture saved me! I had so many problems with kidney stones. I had to have 40 stones removed! When I started having acupuncture with Rob, it all stopped.

I also had a hard time getting pregnant and didn’t think it was possible. After treatments for weeks, I’m happy to say I am 9 weeks pregnant. 🙂

Rob always follows up to make sure you are OK after treatment and he’s always there to answer any questions. I strongly suggest if you’re looking for a knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist, you should go to Rob Vena…” ~ Roxanne R.

“Robert Vena, a talented, dedicated to the healing of others, totally on top-of-his-game practitioner. I met Rob a couple/few years ago. One of the things that struck me most about him was his concern for the comfort of the patient. Another was/is how he explains how the emotions and psychological situations in a patient’s/client’s life go hand in hand w/where in the body it is carrying the ‘weight’ so to speak. The main thing is that on his table, in his presence I/one feels safe, cared for and with someone who not only knows his craft but continues to study. He strives to be better to make us better. I have been blessed to have been guided to this amazing healer’s hands.” ~ Pattie C.

“I was pretty stressed out and hadn’t been sleeping well. So I decided to go to Rob for an acupuncture session. I had never had acupuncture before, and was a little worried about taking the plunge, but Rob calmed me (even before the needles went in.)

Rob totally put me at ease with his soothing voice and his willingness to describe exactly what he was doing. The New Age music playing in the background helped, too. I was worried the needles would hurt, but aside from a few tiny pricks, it was all pretty painless.

Twenty minutes later, when I got up off the table, I was really a changed woman. I felt like I had gone through a full 60-minute body massage. The tension and stress were completely gone and I felt like I was floating in a sea of tranquility. Even the subway ride back to Brooklyn didn’t shake my sense of well being. When my kids came home from school, they noticed the change in me and asked — in a good way — “What’s happened to Mommy? She’s not yelling.”

I had an amazing sleep that night, which helped me get into a groove and escape the cycle of insomnia I was experiencing. I’m scheduling my next appointment, and bringing my mother with me!” ~ Helene S.

“I have gone to a couple of different people for acupuncture. The main difference I found in Rob is that he really cares about my progress and healing. He checks in with me after appointments to see how I’m doing, and shows he really cares. If you are thinking of trying acupuncture or looking to go to a practitioner who cares, I recommend you see Rob.” ~ Liran H.

“Approximately one month ago, I awoke with a severe acute pain on my right side behind my hip. Previously, I had injured that spot in a Pilates class during one of my stretches. It ached a bit but nothing like that morning! My sister had an acupuncture session with Rob the previous week and when she heard of my plight, she suggested I call him. I had never been to an acupuncturist before so I was a little apprehensive.

To my surprise, Rob’s professionalism, empathy and skill relieved my pain after one visit. The acupuncture procedure was virtually painless and he explained every step to me throughout the process. He is still following up with me to see how I am feeling.

I definitely recommend Rob to anyone seeking acupuncture and Chinese medicine services.” ~ Paula C.

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